Masses resumed from October 1st


         Masses resumed from October 1st  When the ‘emergency declaration’ for the new coronavirus countermeasures was issued, Masses were suspended, but since the ‘emergency declaration’ was lifted on September 30th, Masses were resumed from October 1st.  However, the spread of the corona infection has not completely subsided, so please follow the guidelines below.                          4th October 2021                          Kanazawa Catholic Church                          Yasumichi Hosoi, Parish Priest     Guidelines for Attending Mass at Kanazawa Church 1. Please refrain from attending Mass if you are anxious about your physical condition or the virus. 2. To avoid overcrowding on Sundays please consider attending Mass at 5p.m. on Saturdays. 3. You are requested to wear a mask at all times. 4. Please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance when entering the church. 5. In the church please refrain from talking and keep ‘social distance’. 6. Please take home all the leaflets and notices that you used. 7. At the end of Mass refrain from talking in groups and return home promptly.